Attitude von 1992
Rahmen komplett neu restauriert von "AND Products" in Japan.

Das Attitude von 1992 von Shusai aus Japan. Das Rad hat Shusai in einem sehr schlechten Zustand bekommen (Originalfarbe war Horizon Linear Fade). Dann hat er es mit Hilfe von dem Japanischen Bikeshop: AND, neu restauriert und aufgebaut. Beachtet das er die hintere Cantilever-Kabelführung an den Sitzstreben entfernt hat !

Das schrieb Shusai: "Hi, Frank, My name is Shusai, a Klein freak in Japan. I'm very glad to see your excellent website, very impressed with the many photographs of classic Klein bikes. I think classic Kleins accomplished the most significant innovation in the mountain bike world because the many creative features, such as fat tubing, the sealed headset and Mission Control system, could change the mountain bikes' technical trends. Two years ago, I obtained 1992 Attitude with MC-1 and UniKlein fork, but` the bike's condition was very bad. Presumably, the bike seemed to have been exposed to the weather in a decade. Paint erosion occurred all over the frame (original paint-scheme was Horizon Linear fade) and Head/BB bearings got stuck inside. Despite the bad condition of the bike, I restored the bike with the help of AND; a Klein-specific tuning shop in Japan.For my request, AND repainted the bike in blue, cut the cantilever brake guides and installed the AND special parts such as XTR BB; therefore, the appearance of the bike was further changed. After this drastic modification, The bike could fulfill all of the function. I usually ride this bike on the mountain trails in Tazawako Area, the northern Japan. I sometimes enter in the XC races and use this bike. On the single track, the bike is very easy to control because of the lightweight frame and quick handling. The UniKlein fork absorbs the shock very steady. This bike is the best single track device for me. I have the website about Klein bikes. (The site is described mainly in japanese.) Also I have 1994 Fervor. Next time, I'd like to write about my Fervor. Best regards, Shusai".


19 Zoll, Klein typisch gemessen.

Original: Horizon Linear Fade,
After modified: Original Blue "Forest in the Depth"
by Kadowaki corting GmbH.

Klein Attitude.

Klein Unicrown Alu.

Klein Mc 1.

NTN assembled by AND.

AND original with XTR 951 shaft.

Thomson Elite.

Selle Italia SLR.

Mega 9 XTR M 952 Kurbel 170 mm,
XTR Schaltwerk,
XTR V-Brakes,
XT 9-fach Schalthebel.

Shimano 858.

XT, 12-34.

HG 90.

AND fork braces,
AND titanium brake stud bolts.

Mavic CrossMax tubeless.

Hutchinson Mosquito 2.0 tubeless.

Komplett Restauriert von Japanischem KLEIN Shop !

9.7 Kilogramm with pedals.

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