Anytime anyone says that women are not as capable as men in any sport, just point them to Cindy Devine. The fast Canadian racer is the undisputed queen of downhill racing after winning both the Mammoth Kamikaze (she is unable to claim the title of National Champion due to her Canadian citizenship) and the Durango

Worlds this year. Cindy may not have come barreling down either hill with a comparable time to the Mens winner, but her speed was still faster than a majority of male racers could emulate. Cindy spent the 1990 season as a member of the Klein team, which was the most powerful Womens team on the cicuit.

Viva Italia: Campagnolo was a major sponsor of the Klein effort last season and Cindy not only appreciated the smooth-working components and eight-speed transmission, but she was especially full of praise for the Campagnolo team support vehicle and mechanics that traveled to all the races. Not having to work on her bike allowed Cindy to concentrate on more important things - like gold medals ! Join the club: Like Specialized, Klein wasn´t thrilled when their riders opted for Rock Shox suspension forks for their bikes instead of production non-suspended forks. Neither team allowed their riders to run the Rock Shox stickers and for the Worlds finals all of Cindy´s womens teammates had made the switch. Cindy swears by her Panaracer Smoke tires for the confidence they inspire at high speeds.

It was the intention of Klein Bicycles to keep their team on the radical Attitude mountain bike for the ´90 season, but with its massive oversized steerer tube the bike was unable to accept any front fork other than Klein´s own aluminum version. Cindy decided to switch to the Rascal, which could accommodate the front suspension that had

become a crucial piece of equipment for any serious downhill racer. By the time the Worlds came around, both of her team-mates had also switched to the less radical bike to take advantage of using Rock Shox forks. Although Cindy has also been known for her cross-country skills, last season set her apart as a downhill specialist.

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